Continuing our blog series dedicated to showcasing our core values, this week we’re focusing on ‘grit’! At McKeever Energy & Electric, Inc., we’re proud to do what it takes to get the job done. It’s part of what makes us Humboldt County’s premier electrical and energy contracting company! Read on to learn more about what ‘grit’ means to us as a team, to our partners, and our clients.


What ‘Grit’ Means to Our Team

Grit is perseverance mixed with passion, and that attitude rings true for every single employee here at McKeever Energy & Electric, Inc.—from our founder and president, Nate McKeever, through to every member of our team. We have the determination, drive, and persistence to see every single project through to completion. All of our team members embrace a “can-do”, “get-r-done” attitude every day. Even Nate pitches in to help operate the heavy machinery, as seen in the photo above!


Our mission and commitment is to offer power without compromise. We strive to be relentless in the pursuit of excellence for both our end client and the environment. And we accomplish our goals through sheer determination and hard work.


What ‘Grit’ Means to Our Partners

At McKeever Energy & Electric, Inc., we’re proud to partner with some of the leading companies in the clean energy industry. We choose to partner with like-minded companies whose values are similar to ours. Companies that value hard work, performance, sustainability, and excellence.


Take GHD, for example. They have been providing engineering, construction, and architectural expertise to communities around the world for the past 90 years. GHD started as a small, humble company in Melbourne, Australia in 1928, and has grown exponentially—they now have over 10 000 employees in 200 offices across five continents! Talk about the power of hard work and determination. GHD’s commitment to teamwork and integrity is just one of the reasons why we’re proud to work alongside them on our projects.


What ‘Grit’ Means to Our Clients

Our number one goal is to provide cutting-edge energy infrastructure to our clients. We begin every project with an intelligent energy evaluation, helping our clients understand their energy goals, reviewing their property to assess utility capacity and infrastructure accessibility, and more. We aim to do what it takes to keep our clients’ projects running on time and budget, getting you on the grid as soon as possible.


The team at McKeever Energy & Electric, Inc., has had the opportunity to take on some very large projects over the years, including our current project building the Redwood Coast Airport Renewable Energy Microgrid. This project truly encapsulates our sense of grit!


There are 50,000 flights per year at the Redwood Coast Airport, a county airport on 250 miles of coastal countryside. In Humboldt County, fires and slides frequently shut down county roads, making energy security at the regional airport crucial to ensuring that in the event of a grid outage, flight service and rescue operations can continue uninterrupted. Their microgrid system will need to be able to withstand anything Mother Nature could throw at it—and we are proud to deliver.




Hard work is a way of life here in Humboldt County. At McKeever Energy & Electric, Inc., we put a ‘get-r-done’ attitude into everything we do because we know that in the tough moments, our hard work and determination will carry us through to the other side. Visit our website to learn more about our core values, our projects, and our team. Want to be part of the action? Get in touch with us at today!