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McKeever Energy takes care of our staff, our customers, our partners, our community, and our beautiful planet. We are here to advance the clean energy revolution, and we are growing through the COVID-19 pandemic. 

We provide our team with competitive compensation and benefits, and a positive, safety-first, sustainable workplace. As an investment in the future of our industry, McKeever Energy participates in the Western Electrical Contractors Association, providing an accredited training site with a 1:1 ratio of journeyman to apprentice electricians. McKeever Energy manages both private and public works jobs with differential rates.

We are looking for people who share our entrepreneurial spirit and vision to flourish. We thrive on great communication and a can-do attitude. Connect with us now if you’re interested in being a part of our thriving team!

Are you lucky enough to live on the Redwood Coast of California? Would you love to live the Humboldt quality-of-lifestyle? This is an exceptionally beautiful and nurturing place to live. Just minutes from the ocean, our climate is generally cool with mild summers and rainy winters (except for the 3 weeks of summer in January!). We enjoy wild rivers, epic stretches of empty beaches, rugged coastlines, and ancient, temperate Redwood rainforests (yeah, our trees are taller than the Statue of Liberty.) We kayak, surf, crab, fish, climb, walk, bird, agate, ride, and peace-out in Mother Nature’s heaven. 

Traffic? Ahh, we don’t do that here. 

We hang out in small towns with Victorian architecture and vibrant farmer’s markets, the largest natural foods grocery stores in the US, farm-to-table restaurants, micro-breweries and cideries, bean-to-bar chocolatiers, pleinaire artists, live music festivals, live theatre, and more unique, cultural events than any of us can grock in one lifetime. 

Humboldt State University and College of the Redwoods provide an intellectual, cultural, and economic stimulation for our mostly quiet community. 

We are expanding! If you are a journeyman electrician, or solar technician–and the Redwood Coast sounds like home to you–please reach out today. We want to hear from you. 

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